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Payment Towards Mortgage Retirement


Kitchen and Food Ministry


Remodeling Upgrades


Thank you Friends, Family, and Saints!                                         September 2017
                                                (Praise the Lord! - see updates below!)



Our seasonal Holiday Outreaches in 2017 have been and will continue to be very successful reaching many families, veterans, tribes, and people in need. 


We continue to serve over 5000 meals per year through our pot luck lunches and food ministry here at the Jerusalem Center, Wow,  Praise God!
Thank you Friends, Family, and Saints!

Any donations towards the food ministry are greatly appreciated.

We have a new roof installed and all the funds were raised to completely pay off the cost. Praise the Lord !

Thank you Friends, Family, and Saints!

We have a new monitor installed for praise lyrics and scriptures during service.

Thank you Friends, Family, and Saints!


We have some other  remodeling upgrades that are also desired. 
Any donations towards upgrades are appreciated at this time.


Our  mortgage has been refinanced and new contract signed.
Any donations to continue to reduce the mortgage balance are appreciated.


God has confirmed His Word to us about His comfort this New Year and salvation found in Isaiah 52:9-10, “And all the Ends of the Earth shall see the Salvation of our God.”  God’s blessing and Best to you all as you embrace this new season for God’s Eternal Glory.


All our Love,

Pastor’s Dave and Gaylene Gomez

Jerusalem Center Medford Oregon



Updates on giving

Mortgage: A new mortgage has been secured and signed. We still welcome contributions to reduce the balance. Do you have other resources to donate to reduce the mortgage?

Kitchen: The Kitchen floor updating has been completed. THANK YOU TO ALL WHO DONATED! Food Donations welcomed.

Roof : The  $17000 needed for the roof has been receive, the roof is installed. Praise the Lord! and Thank you all Donors.

We are looking for donations for upgrades and remodeling. Please prayerfully consider helping on a project. We welcome donations for updates.

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